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We held off as loooong as we possibly could .... but the time has come. In the past 4 years the cost of making and delivering our gorgeous, award-winning Luxe Play Mats has increased significantly and whilst we tried to absorb those increases for as long as possible and maintain our original launch pricing, we simply can't continue that forever.

From 1st May our new prices will be:

  • Large Play Mat (rectangular 2m x 1.4m) - £138 
  • Round Play Mat (1.4m diameter) - £118
  • Medium Play Mat (1.4m x 1m) - £99

So if you have your eye on a gorgeous Luxe Play Mat for your little ones, simply place your order before April 30th to beat the price rise!

Items arriving in our June restock are also now available for pre-orders.

Large, round and medium play mat
Want more details?

For those of you who are interested in manufacturing and supply chains and would like to understand more… 

  • We have held the same price since launch in 2018 (£129.95 large, £94.95 medium)
  • We offer free shipping for our customers in Great Britain 
  • During the past 2 years, in part during COVID and Brexit, disruptions to manufacturing, plus massive increases in demand for online shopping, has lead to a HUGE rise in costs across the supply chain.
  • Some of our costs have risen by as much as 350% (which is not a typo!) and the majority have risen by between 10-35%.
  • Eg The freight costs for shipping a single container has gone from £3,500 to £18,000! Ouch. 


Therefore in order to maintain the quality of the non-toxic materials we use, pay the people who work for us directly and indirectly fairly, and continue to create unique, beautiful designs that you love, it's time for a price increase. We of course, won't ever compromise on any of these elements, especially as our play mats are used by your, and our, most precious little ones.

We hope that you will understand our decision and continue to choose Munchkin & Bear play mats for your little ones and your family for many years to come.   

Sophie & Alana x


Multi award winning playmats

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