Black Friday - why we are NOT doing a sale this year.

Our DMs and emails have been *flooded* with messages from our tribe asking if we will be holding a Black Friday sale this year. So we thought it might be helpful to share a little insight into why we're not doing one this year. 💕

Increased Costs!
As a small business, we have experienced a HUGE increase in costs this year due to Covid. For example, it used to cost us around £3,000 to get each of our containers of beautiful Play Mats delivered to us but now it costs upwards of £15,000!  Thanks Covid & Brexit 😞 😱 As I'm sure you can understand, this is a pretty substantial cost and we currently absorb it in order to avoid taking a price increase on our products. 👊🏼

2️⃣ Stock Levels!
Our best-selling designs just keep flying off the shelves! Plus, the increased difficulty and costs of getting frequent stock deliveries means we often sell out. Shipping is a global nightmare at the moment (and we feel for all those other small businesses working hard to get enough stock in time to fulfil their Christmas orders! 😫🚢📦)

3️⃣Delivery Timings!
Our couriers have advised of some delays with shipping at the moment. 📦🚛 We wouldn't want to disappoint our incredibly kind customers if their new purchase did not arrive in time for Christmas due to a huge big rush of Black Friday orders in our courier network. 💗

We feel SO lucky to have all of your support (and pack a lot of orders each day!) but are also incurring a lot more costs (and reduced margins) these days like so many other businesses! We're not at all complaining, just thought we'd let you know why you won’t see a Black Friday sale this year at Munchkin & Bear! 😘

If you have been eyeing off one our best-selling designs, we recommend securing your fave now so that you don't miss out on the must-have Xmas gift this year! 🎁

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