Feeding yourself when you have a newborn

The newborn phase can be a whirlwind of nappy changing, feeding and snatching sleep where and when you can. Your baby might have had four outfit changes in one day but you’re still in your pyjamas at 5pm and haven’t had a shower for two days. THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL!

While the main focus might be on filling your little one’s tummy, it’s just as important to make sure you’re feeding yourself too. We know this is easier said than done when your body is still recovering from labour and energy levels are depleted but that just makes it even more important. 

And we’re certainly not saying YOU have to spend your time in these precious first weeks cooking.

If friends and family are asking how they can help you, then why not ask them if they can drop off some pre-cooked meals to stock up your fridge or freezer?

If cooking isn’t their thing, then perhaps they could club together to buy you some COOK vouchers. 

COOK have worked out exactly what exhausted new parents need and have created a ‘New parents’ box of 14 meals which can be easily heated up - and eaten with one hand if your baby doesn’t want to be put down. They also do an amazing 10% discount for 12 months for new parents which you can apply for here

Now, onto some meal ideas

Eating three proper meals a day might be tricky if you’re up a lot at night and trying to rest in the day. You’ll probably find that you feel ravenous at certain times of the day - and night - so listen to your body and eat when you need to.

Try to include 2 or 3 portions of protein, veg and fruit each day and eat whole grains like cereal, porridge and wholewheat pasta or rice.

Also have plenty of snacks to hand like granola bars, muffins, nuts, dried fruit and chopped fruit and raw veg. Cake, biscuits and chocolate are also a must-have, of course!

Easy meals ideas:

Many of these can be eaten one-handed!! An art I perfected with my eldest who never wanted to be anywhere except on me... 

  • Chilli and rice
  • Curry and rice
  • Fish pie/Cottage pie 
  • Chicken and leek pie
  • Pasta (not spaghetti!) + sauce
  • Lasagne
  • Mac and cheese
  • Burrito
  • Fish, veg and new potatoes
  • Jacket potato and salad
  • Pizza and salad
  • Stir fry with noodles/rice
  • Stew and mashed potato
Quick healthy snacks

Make life even easier by saving meal ideas in a document you and your partner can both access so when the brain fog gets too much you can just take a look and pick something quickly!


Find more meal inspiration at BBC Good Food here 

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