Introducing Munchkin & Bear’s first ever Petite Partners!

Munchkin & Bear Petite Partners Small business

Summer 2020: We are so excited to welcome these adorable munchkins and their families into the M&B tribe. (Please join us in love-bombing these sweet little ones! 😍😍). ⠀

We received hundreds and HUNDREDS of squishy, delicious, divine applicants and to be honest, we could have happily chosen every single one of them. This tribe produces the most beautiful, loved offspring! 💕🥰⠀

But after many hours we (somehow!!) narrowed down to this beautiful group (spread all across Oz, NZ and the UK) who will hopefully help towards our aim of being a brand that is inclusive and as diverse as the world around us! 🌎 💖

Here they are

You might also notice that we failed miserably to stick to just 10 Petite Partners, as originally planned! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 ⠀

(Far too hard to choose, so now we’re like Oprah over here, just dishing out Luxe Play Mats! #andyougetaplaymat 😉)⠀

Thank you so much again to each and everyone one of you who love and trust M&B enough to share your families with us. We were so humbled by all the entries. 💕⠀

And congratulations again to our beautiful Petite Partners - we hope you love playing on your new Luxe Play Mats! 😘⠀

Alana & Sophie xoxo

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