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Fearing their wobbly bottom lip? Worried that you might cry too?  Not sure if you've got everything they will need? 

You are definitely NOT alone.  This time last year I was right there.  Taking a huge deep breath in the countdown, trying to fill those final days with happy memories with your little one (or ones in my case) about to embark on a huge and planned milestone.  

I couldn't help but keep wondering how I'd got there - where had those 4 and a bit years vanished?  How on earth could my babies be going off to school in a brand new, slightly over-sized, uniform... 

If you are back from a summer break and trying to get the final few things organised then here are a few of our tips for getting it all done or indeed on managing those first few days and weeks while they (and you) settle into the new routine :) 


1. Name EVERYTHING - their bag, their water bottle, their clothes (including their socks) - if sewing the old fashioned name tags on isn't your thing we've loved things like the StuckOnYou iron on labels, shoe dots and bottle bands!  If in doubt have a Sharpie handy for a last minute, temporary name!

2. Have FUN - go do something together this weekend, enjoy those cuddles & soak up those memories.

3. Stock up with SNACKS - they often come out of school famished, having a cheeky snack in your back pocket means smiles & chat on the journey home! 

4. Plan the MEALS - school meals can take a bit of getting used to...they might just need a hot dinner at the end of the day!  Our kids are big fans of some of the classics ... sausages & potato wedges, pizza, eggy bread or a quick bowl of pasta!

5. Prepare for tiredness and HIGH EMOTIONS as your child gets to grips with the new routine, new surroundings and new people. And don't panic if they don't seem to be able to tell you anything about their day, that's completely normal!


I definitely needed a tissue in my back pocket for after I'd dropped them off on that first morning... you won't be alone feeling a little wobbly.  Be ready for drop off to be a little extended in those early weeks (whenever I had an urgent meeting to get to the farewells went wrong 🙈 creating stress both sides!)

Reusable coffee cup with motto 'today is gonna be a good day' on the side

Give them a huge hug and enjoy the break in the day when they are well cared for and you can focus on other things like work, other kids or some v. well earned me-time.  

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