Time for potty training? Let us help you

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Time for potty training? Let us help you

When you have a baby the thought of potty training can feel like a long way off, but like most things to do with parenting, it’s a milestone that creeps up on you.

And many parents find the thought of it quite daunting - for good reason! You might wonder if you’ll ever be able to leave the house or go on a long car trip again. And what about stains on your furniture - or your friends’ furniture?!

We’ve been there, and while it can be a bit of a rollercoaster, saying goodbye to stinky nappies really is a great feeling!

Luckily our play mats are easy to clean when the inevitable accidents happen. If you’re cleaning up a puddle (or two, or three), we recommend using a 1:1 ratio mix of vinegar and water to wipe it with. This will help keep your play mat hygienic and fresh.

If you and your child are about to begin the potty training journey, here are a few of our top tips:

  1. Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to get started – don’t choose to do it when you’re ill, or have started a new job or are just generally a bit stressed with life. Potty training can be frustrating and all-consuming so you need to be quite focused!
  2. Do some preparation work before you begin to get your child on board. Read some potty books, pick out a well-fitting potty, buy some fun underwear, take them to the loo with you and comment on what you are doing.
    Nappy free time
  3. Observe your child to see if they show signs before they do a wee or poo to give you information about their pattern.
  4. Give your child some naked time. This will make them aware of what it feels like to have an accident and may help them get onto a potty in time.
  5. Involve everyone else who looks after your child - that’s grandparents, childminders, nursery staff. 
  6. We found easy, elasticated clothes were best so they could be pulled down quickly. Be prepared for more laundry and never leave the house without at least one set of spare clothes!
  7. Try to be patient. Some children get to grips with it in a few days whereas some find it trickier and may take weeks or months. This can be stressful for parents but try not to put any pressure on your child as it may just put them off even more. 

And as with many things in life which can be challenging, don’t give up on a bad day.  And if you ever need a rant just pop over to our insta feed and pop us a DM ;) 

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