Tips for throwing your own baby shower at home

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If you’re having a baby it’s safe to assume the people who love you will want to spoil you a bit before life becomes all about your little one. And you definitely deserve to be spoilt!

A baby shower might not be everyone’s cup of tea

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but it’s a lovely excuse to get your friends and family together and to eat some cake!

Social media and baby websites are great places to get inspiration for your baby shower. You could set up a Pinterest board of ideas or ask friends who’ve already had babies what they liked most. Obviously, there are some ridiculously over the top baby showers online. We’re not suggesting you do a Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset and have real live sloths or parrots at your jungle-themed bash but there’s definitely lots of fun to be had!

Here are a few things you might want to think about when making plans.

  1. Decide on a budget - do you just want to do tea and cake or do you want decorations and games too?
  2. Delegate - you’re likely to be a month or two away from your due date when you have your baby shower so share the load and give people tasks. Can someone make a cake for you and another create some games?
  3. Don’t leave it too late - you want to enjoy yourself so don’t wait until you’re in the final weeks when you may be tired and uncomfortable or even worse might have to cancel it at the last minute! 
  4. Choose a theme - safari, flowers or Disney - is there something you love that the decorations and food could match? If you know the sex of the baby this could also provide some inspiration.
  5. Play some games - guess the weight, due date and name of the baby are all easy ones. Or perhaps play ‘Name that tune’ with songs with the word ‘Baby’ in the title. 
  6. Lay on a spread - a table of treats both savoury and sweet will go down well with your guests. You don’t need to give them a full meal but maybe an afternoon tea with some cakes and small sandwiches would go down well.
    Woman holding a large wrapped present, with bunting in the background and a table laid with food, ahead of what maybe a baby shower
    Or ask your guests to bring a plate of food each so you don’t have to do all (or any) of the catering.
  7. Go al fresco - if it’s summer why not have a picnic outside?
  8. Take time to sit and chat - finding time to sit and chat with friends can be hard to find once you have a baby - half finished conversations become all too familiar - so make the most of this opportunity to be with those closest to you. 
  9. Gifts - there is so much cute stuff out there that your friends could buy for your baby so we’re sure you don’t need much advice from us on this one! But if there’s something specific you would like, why not ask a few of them to get together to buy it for you? This could be a more expensive item like a changing bag or bouncy chair or of course a Munchkin & Bear gift voucher ;) 

These Pinterest boards might give you some more inspiration for your baby shower:

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