As the leading squishy, safe and stylish Play Mat brand, we’re so excited to have extended our range to include stunning TOYS! It’s something our customers have been asking us for for years and so, as the experts in play, we certainly delivered. 

Babies and toddlers learn through PLAY! The floor is their playground (that’s where our soft, safe and stylish Play Mats come in) and their teachers are the toys (and you, of course). 


Lots of silicone toys on a play mat

Our brand new range is designed to encourage all sorts of play including:

  • Sensory play 
  • Soothing play
  • Physical play 
  • Fine motor developmental play
  • Gross motor developmental play
  • Cognitive play
  • Constructive play
  • Imaginative play 

By allowing children to explore all these types of play, they provide themselves with new ways and opportunities to learn. Play comes fairly naturally to young ones as it provides a level of pleasure and interest that they can maintain without the need for external motivation or stimulation. Therefore, by fostering play in everyday life, children will develop strong foundations for lifelong learning and wellbeing. 

This range took well over a year to bring to life as our team worked to curate and thoughtfully design a collection of toys that enhance play for all ages. So, we thought we would create a series called “Why We Made Them” to showcase the benefits of each of our toys and how they can be used by your little ones from birth and beyond.

If you’re after some fun and exciting ways to play with each of our toys, feel free to check out our play ideas blog here! 

Just like our award-winning Play Mat range, our M&B toys are also:

  • Soft and squishy
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Super stylish
  • Easy to clean (for a few super quick toy cleaning hacks, check out this post)


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