Our large play mats

Looking for something to replace (or protect) your rug in your family room, or just to create a safe, soft area for you & the little ones, yes they are not just for babies! 

These large play mats measure approximately 200cm x 140cm. The squish is 1.5cm deep (if you want to see just how soft it is check out our famous EggDropChallenge).  

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Still not sure? 

Here's what just a few of our previous customers had to say... 

“So good it’s my second purchase! Super helpful that it’s wipe clean and waterproof because we do tend to get messy on it! Perfect for sticky hands and playtime. Love it.”


“I purchased the large play mat 6 months ago and its literally the most used baby product”


“This is the best thing I have ever bought. It’s saved my carpet so many times from everything associated with having a toddler (I’m sure you can imagine). So highly recommend I wish I got one sooner.”


“I cannot stress how much better life is now we have one, and that’s not even a joke! … We got this mat when my second child was a few months old and my first son was 2. Honestly my number 1 must have baby product! My boys are 1 and 3 now and we still love it and will for years to come! ❤️”