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Our passion at Munchkin & Bear is creating children's homewares for stylish families to enjoy in shared spaces around their homes. Our best selling products are designed with a clean, modern aesthetic and soft muted tones, to complement any room of your home. They are designed with safety, practicality and affordability in mind.

Munchkin & Bear was born in 2016 after our founder Alana had her second child. Whilst she adored motherhood, she felt her home was beginning to look more like a crèche than a nurturing space. You know that suffocating feeling from all the primary colour baby gear creeping in?

With her background in Marketing and Product Development, Alana set out to design a practical, affordable baby play mat that her stylish mumma friends would happily leave on display in their living rooms. Basically the opposite of the pull apart garish coloured puzzle pieces mats.

We are super proud of our play mat range, the first luxury play mats globally. After 5 wonderful years in small business land, our gorgeous play mats are now in over 80,000 homes across Australia, UK, New Zealand. 



our founder

Alana, Founder, Munchkin & Bear

Alana is the driving force behind our innovative and stylish brand. Her ability to always see the big picture along with her eye for the finer details have been key factors in the success of Munchkin & Bear – she is always one step ahead of us! While her own little munchkin and bear might have been the inspiration to create our products, Alana's thrives on the wonderful feedback from our customers and is always seeking the next stunning addition to our range.

One of Alana's proudest achievements has been creating an inclusive office for working mums, allowing them to kick professional goals while also being there at the school gate or assembly when they need to be. Alana is our mother hen who is always in charge but never loses the ability to laugh at herself!

 Our UK business 

Sophie, Munchkin & Bear Europe

Sophie, our European business partner, launched our brand in the UK in 2018 having thoroughly tested our play mats with her baby twins!  With three young kids she knows all about the juggle of being a mother and running a small business.  She believes in how fabulously our designer play mats complement family life so she is working tirelessly to bring them to homes throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. (From neighbours to business partners! read more on our blog). 

The team has now grown with three amazing women joining us part time, Sonali and Paula looking after our customer care and Laura working behind the scenes on our social media.  

UK Munchkin & Bear team

To keep up to date with our regular news either sign up or keep in touch on instagram @munchkinandbearuk


why Munchkin & Bear?

Our brand name "Munchkin & Bear" was chosen to reflect the unique, captivating and complex character of each child. No two are the same and your love for them is like no other!

 “My own ‘munchkin’ Chloe, is the sweetest, kindest, calmest little soul, filled with love and light. And Rupert ‘bear’ is the cheekiest, funniest, non-stop little guy, who fills our home with laughter, chaos and mess." Alana, founder

Whether you have a sweet munchkin at home or a cheeky bear, we truly hope they love our products.

We are grateful for your support.



Munchkin & Bear Limited 
Company number: 11315999
Registered address: 10 Charlmont Road, SW17 9AL