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our brand

Our passion at Munchkin & Bear is creating children's homewares for stylish families. 

We believe in beautiful shared spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

Our products are designed with a clean, modern aesthetic and soothing tones to complement any room of your home. They are designed with safety, practicality and affordability in mind.

We are super proud of our play mat range, the first luxury play mats globally.  Thanks to all our loyal, amazing customers so far who have spread the word and made them bestsellers - they are now in over 30,000 homes across the world.


our founder

Munchkin & Bear was created after its founder Alana had her second child. Whilst she adored motherhood, she felt her home was beginning to look more like a crèche than a nurturing space.

"I love babies and all things beautiful. But when we had children I started to feel suffocated by all the primary coloured baby gear creeping in. I needed our home to feel like a calm space that reflected us and our style, so I could enjoy motherhood there. When the children went to bed I needed to unwind (ok, drink wine) with my husband and switch off from mum-mode!”.

Alana, Founder, Munchkin & Bear

One of her biggest irritations was finding a padded baby play mat that didn’t pull apart in puzzle pieces, wasn’t brightly coloured or covered in childish patterns and was also reasonably priced. When she couldn't find it, she took the plunge and decided to develop it herself.

And so in 2016 Munchkin & Bear was born!


International expansion! 

Sophie, launched us in the UK (covering Europe) in late 2018.  Having been friends for years and even neighbours for a while, we ended up having our babies on opposite sides of the world, but even from concept stage Sophie was keen to see our mats available in the UK and Europe.  So, as life is all about seizing the opportunity, instead of returning to work after her twins arrived she set up Munchkin & Bear in Europe! (read more on our blog)

Sophie, Munchkin & Bear Europe

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why munchkin & bear?

Our brand name "Munchkin & Bear" was chosen to reflect the unique, captivating and complex character of each child. No two are the same and your love for them is like no other!

 “My own ‘munchkin’ Chloe, is the sweetest, kindest, calmest little soul, filled with love and light. And Rupert ‘bear’ is the cheekiest, funniest, non-stop little guy, who fills our home with laughter, chaos and mess." Alana, founder

Whether you have a sweet munchkin at home or a cheeky bear, we truly hope they love our products.

We are grateful for your support.



Munchkin & Bear Limited 
Company number: 11315999
Registered address: 10 Charlmont Road, SW17 9AL