Cleaning & care

Looking after your Munchkin & Bear play mat is super easy, we're also Mums so know you don't need any extra chores!

We recommend you use water and a microfibre cloth. 

  • There are some brilliant ones on the market which tackle the bacteria worries too without any chemicals going near your little ones such as the e-cloth which is recommended by Allergy UK

A quick brush (or vacuum on lower setting) gets those crumbs and dust up super quickly. 

Small spills, we find kitchen roll does the trick. 

If you've used a lot of water, don't forget to dry it with a towel to make sure it isn't left damp.  

Quick and simple to fix

You can use a gentle detergent to clean your play mat but do not use cleaners with bleach, alcohol or citrus oils in them as these can cause discolouration. 

We recommend avoiding baby wipes to clean the mats as some brands have removed colour from a play mat (in fact some people suggest wipes are effective enough to remove tar!) 

Is there anything else we should be careful of? 

If you plan to put heavy furniture on top of your play mat, be aware the memory foam may be affected. Pets - we don't know your animals so you'll need to judge if they might damage the surface with sharp claws, but many of our customers' pets love the play mats.  

Is it okay to have underfloor heating? 

Yes, in fact here at HQ we have unfloor heating so it has been thoroughly tested! 

Can I take my play mat outside? 

Of course, while they are designed to be left down within your home, they can be rolled and moved outside easily - particularly the medium play mat.  Just keep an eye on anything sharp when you put it down so the waterproof surface doesn't get punctured.   They shouldn't be left outside or in prolonged sunlight which over time could cause fading. 

Is it easy to roll & move my play mat? 

Your play mat arrives with velcro straps - if you keep them then if you want to roll your mat up and secure it or move it you can do it simply.