Cleaning & care

There’s no doubt that babies are messy!

Between poonami explosions, the aftermath of mealtimes and all the spit-up, there is always something that needs to be cleaned. Luckily, with our Luxe Play Mats, cleaning is super easy! 

Play mats with food spills banana, yoghurt and milk being wiped upp.s. we're also Mums so know you don't need any extra chores
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How to look after your play mat: 

It’s super easy to keep your Play Mat nice and clean. All you’ll need is a soft microfibre cloth, some warm water and some gentle dishwashing liquid.

Then, it’s as easy as wiping over the Play Mat!

No need to use lots of pressure or elbow grease to try and lift tough stains as the colour may come off the top layer (and this is irreversible!).

Gentle swipes across the Play Mat will certainly do the trick. 

 Regular cleaning for your luxe padded play mat

 If you prefer to keep all chemicals away from your little ones then cloths like the e-cloth which is recommended by Allergy UK tackle the bacteria with just water. 

If you've used a lot of water, don't forget to dry it with a towel or clean cloth to make sure it isn't left damp.  


Deep cleaning! 

If your Play Mat has been well loved for many months, or even years, and is in need of a deeper clean, we recommend following the general cleaning instructions above. Then, spread some bicarbonate soda over the whole Play Mat and let it sit for 15 mins. The excess can be then gently wiped off with a soft cloth.

To finish with a beautifully clean surface, completely dry the Play Mat and floor underneath, then you are ready to play again!

Bicarbonate of soda, plus a damp cloth for a deeper clean of your playmat

What to avoid when cleaning your play mat

After lots of tests in our office to find the best (and worst) products for cleaning our Play Mats, we have found it is best to avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and others that contain abrasive agents (eg. Cif, The Pink Stuff).

These products can strip the colour off the Play Mat and cause irreversible damage to the top layer. 

Although handy, baby wipes should be avoided as they have been known to cause slight discolouration. (It has been said that some baby wipes are effective enough to remove tar!) 

Vacuum cleaners are usually okay to use, just make sure nothing sharp is sticking out of the head and ensure it is flat head attachment (i.e. no spinning bristles) before running it over the Play Mat.

Things to avoid when cleaning your Munchkin & Bear playmatt 

Cleaning up during potty training!

For any little accidents that happen during nappy-free time, we recommend cleaning them with a 1:1 ratio mix of vinegar and water. This will help to ensure your Play Mat stays super hygienic. Then, wipe dry with a paper towel on both sides. 

Cleaning your play mat after an nappy free time accident, use a vinegar, water mix to clean.  Then dry thoroughly afterwards.


Need to tackle some pen marks? 

Our handy hack for removing pen (eg. biro) is to use a dab of toothpaste (make sure it is non-whitening) and gently rub over the area with a soft cloth. This should help lift the pen stain out of the grooves without damaging the surface. Then, simply wipe off the excess toothpaste and it’s ready for play!

Tackling biro marks on your playmatt with toothpaste



Tackling milk spills on your play mat?

Don’t cry over spilt milk! Simply use some dishwashing liquid with a soft cloth and warm water to remove the excess milk.

Then, be sure to completely dry the surface (and floor underneath) so no mould or nasties can grow!

Tackling spilt milk on your wipe clean matt

The trick ones - that just won't budge - without damaging your playmat

Unfortunately there are a few stains that are pretty tricky to remove. This includes tougher products such as nail polish and permanent marker. We have experimented with using cleaners such as hairspray and nail polish remover to assist with lifting those stains but have not had much success.

So, if you do find one of these products accidentally ends up on your Play Mats, we recommend just flipping it over and using the reverse side (that’s another bonus of having a double-sided design!).

Tricky marks that you may not get out include nail varnish, permanent markers

Is there anything else we should be careful of? 

  • Heavy furniture - if you plan to keep furniture on top of your play mat, be aware the memory foam may be affected leaving a dent which becomes permanent.
  • Pets - we don't know your animals so you'll need to judge if they might damage the surface with sharp claws, but many of our customers' pets love the play mats.  If you aren't sure please watch our video here: