Our play mats

Wondering why families love our award-winning Luxe Padded Play Mat so much?


I mean, it’s just a play mat...right?


Wrong. It’s so much more!


Our Play Mat range was designed by our founder, Alana, a fellow mum who understands what mamas and babies really need to make play time more fun for everyone involved.


That’s why all our Play Mats are...


↩️  Stylish and reversible (because you can have kids and still love your home)


💧 Waterproof (those little accidents are inevitable during nappy-free time!)


🧽  Easy to wipe-clean (we all know kids are messy!)


☁️ Made with a memory foam core (that makes it feel like you’re walking on heavenly clouds!)


👶 Ultra thick, shock-absorbent, and soft (to protect your little one from all those bumps and tumbles!)


🍃 Non-toxic (because we all know how much kids love to put anything and everything in their mouths!)


* our promise for safety & style doesn't stop at the play mats either - check out our new toy range while you are here! *


Making life a whole lot easier - who wouldn't want that?

We designed our Luxe Padded Play Mat for bump-prone babies, but parents across the world are using them in other ways to make their lives a whole lot easier (and a whole lot more fun). Here are 5 ways you can too...


💥 Manage your mess and clean up toys in seconds


Use our Play Mat to scoop up messy toys and pour them into a box in one fell swoop.


💥 Make bathtime safe and non-slippery


Our waterproof and non-slip Play Mat means you can use it to protect your little one as you put them in and take them out of the bath.


💥 Transform your Play Mat into a yoga mat


Once baby is tucked up in bed, roll out your play mat and you have the perfect spot to break out your yoga and pilates moves.


💥 Make changing nappies 100% more convenient


When baby starts wriggling and turning, the changing table has to go. With our soft, wipe-clean, waterproof Play Mat nappy time doesn’t have to be messy or dangerous


💥 Get down on the floor and play with your kid like a kid


Our soft, squishy, cloud-like Luxe Play Mats make getting down on the floor with your baby comfy and fun. No more sore knees, no more back pain, no bruises for you.






> Keen on the technical? read our blog on journey to pick the right material and why we settled on TPU

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Any questions still - please just drop us a question on live chat or email us on hello@munchkinandbear.co.uk