Small steps to a better planet

We are mindful that we all, including small businesses need to do more to improve our impact on the world around us. 

Here at Munchkin & Bear we've been working behind the scenes on a number of updates to moves us along on that journey.  

Our toy shipping boxes: 

We have chosen to use boxes which are - made from recycled materials, the percentage of which ranges from 60% to 90% and are FSC certified.  This cardboard is one of the most easily recycled resources in the UK. These single walled boxes are kind to the planet and vegan friendly.   
We’ve also chosen to seal the boxes with a paper tape and fill the void to protect your new toys with an eco chip which is 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.  They are made from maize-based starch.  They are also fully soluble when saturated with water which takes away from the issue of litter. The eco-fill chip also conforms to EN13432

The box your toy comes in can also be easily recycled in your home recycling.  If you have the puzzle, ball sets or our tummy time mirror please remove the small piece of protective film before doing so.

Our play mat shipping boxes 

These are made cardboard and can be recycled easily - however many of our wonderful M&B families have turned them into amazing things in between - ball runs, threading challenges, teddy bear slides amongst others! If you use your box for some fun games please tag us @munchkinandbearuk we'd love to see! 

The protective bag around the rolled mat is plastic and can either be kept to store your mat safely when rolled - secured of course by your super handy velcro straps! - or disposed of safely.  Please make sure to keep small children away from any bags.   We know this is largely single use plastic, but is very important in making sure your play mat arrives in your home clean, safe and ready for play time.  We are working hard to find a supplier who can create a suitable alternative for us - watch this space.


Our play mats 

Made from TPU, thermo-polyurethane, these are a type of plastic.  However there are a number of factors involved in our decision to use this material including the shock-absorbency to protect your bubbas as well as the non-toxic nature (read more here).  There is also an advantage from an environmental perspective to TPU over other materials used by many play mat companies such as PVC.  The production process is significantly less harmful to the environment.