Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Tummy Time Mirror - Blush
Munchkin and Bear

Tummy Time Mirror - Blush

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Tummy time is extremely important for developing neck and core strength. However, many babies find it unpleasant to start with, so our adorable, thoughtfully designed Munchkin & Bear Tummy Time Mirror is the perfect distraction and encouragement they need. Designed to enhance multiple stages of development with its 3 ways to play, our unique and multi-functional mirror will help your little one grow and learn!


Three Ways to Play:

1: Tummy time mirror in stand

Babies love mirrors because babies love faces! Looking at a reflection of themselves (even when they believe it's another baby looking back at them) sparks curiosity and is a highly motivating way to engage babies in essential motor development activities, like tummy time. It will motivate them to lift that little neck for longer as their visual tracking skills improve and their facial expressions expand.

2: Sensory play

As babies learn to control their little hands to grasp and touch, simply flip the mirror face down for a brand new toy! Our bear face has been designed with multiple textured features and squishy air pockets to encourage enjoyable sensory play.

3: Wobble mirror 

When bubs are close to being on the move or already on the go, they can practice important fine and gross motor skills with our wobble mirror. Taken out of the stand and placed on its back, the unique domed shape is designed to promote hand-eye coordination. As your little ones become aware of action and reaction, they will have fun wobbling their mirror and changing their reflection over and over again!

Made from 100% safe, food-grade silicone with acrylic mirror.  

Wipe clean, not suitable for water. 


Exceeds all UK & European Safety Standards.


What material is your play mat made from?

We know how important safety is for your little one so our award-winning luxe play mats are made from PU (polyurethane), a non-toxic material that is not only durable and hard wearing but easy to clean. 


Our play mats create a beautiful floor space so you can relax about your little one when playing.  


The material is lightweight (our medium size is less than 3kg and our large size is under 5kg) so it’s easy to roll up and move around. We even send them with velcro straps to keep!


They have also been independently tested and have passed both UK & European Toy Safety Standards - EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-3. You can find out more in the report here.


Are your toys safe? 

All our toys are made from 100% food grade silicone (except for the wooden base of the shape puzzle toy & the acrylic mirror on the tummy time mirror) making them perfect for your little ones from birth through to teething and long beyond.  


Can I use my play mat outside?

For endless hours of fun, you can take your play mat outside but be careful not to place it on a sharp surface or rough ground as it may tear or get damaged. Direct sunlight or warm temperatures can cause the pattern to fade so make sure you always bring it back inside after use and gently wipe it down (more cleaning tips here). 


Will my underfloor heating damage the play mat?

Our luxe play mats have a good heat tolerance so you’ll be fine to use on underfloor heating.


Can my pets mark the play mat?

We want everyone in your family to enjoy using your stylish space but be careful as sharp claws can scratch or break the surface or chew the corners. 


How do I look after my play mat?

We know how messy babies and toddlers can be so cleaning your play mat is so easy. Just take a soft microfibre cloth, some warm water (or a little washing up mix) to wipe over the surface. We don’t recommend baby wipes, abrasive cleaning products or applying too much pressure as this will damage your mat. 


For a deeper clean, why not refer to our helpful guide here. We’ve also got some useful tips on how to care for your toys too.


To avoid any accidents, make sure your play mat is dry again before you let your little one crawl or play on it.



Where do you ship to?


We no longer offer products in the UK or EU.   

If you are shopping from Australia or New Zealand, visit www.munchkinandbear.com.au to view your local site. 


How is my order packaged? 

Your play mat is carefully rolled up and protected in a recyclable brown box until it reaches its final destination. When you open the box, you’ll find a care card with instructions inside. We’ll also email you a link to a helpful video before your play mat arrives so you can see how to unwrap it in your new space.


Toys will arrive in their original cardboard box and shipped in an outer box to protect them (along with 100% compostable & biodegradable starch nuggets - more here on how we're taking small steps to improve our environmental footprint).


I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund or exchange?


We hope you’ll love your play mat or toys but if you are unsure, you can send them back to us.  All returns must be notified within 14 days of receiving your purchase & must remain in an unused condition.  

Find out more.


Does your play mat come with a guarantee? 

We offer a six month guarantee from the date of purchase with a valid receipt. 

This is only valid if the care instructions are followed. 

Now the UK business has closed - please contact info@munchkinandbear.com.au if you believe your product has a fault. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa. You can also pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Shop Pay.

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